Marketing with Video

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  Video Marketing РThe Power To Generate Traffic

Youtube took video to unbelievable new heights when they arrived on the net several years ago. It didn’t take long for marketers to stop using videos for mere entertainment. They became a tool for promoting products and services and driving targeted traffic.

All of these opportunities would not be present if it were not for video’s popularity. It is known at this point that a very well made video can convert at tremendous rates. It’s not just about traffic, you can use video to build customer relationships and develop your brand. Many online marketers are leveraging video marketing and are seeing convincing results.

So we’ll continue to talk about a few of the many benefits of video in your business.

Your Business and Video

Taking your business to the next step and strategically placing yourself in the shoes of the expert can all be accomplished through video marketing, if you take the steps of a proven process. If you are even halfway serious about becoming a strong force within a niche then you must incorporate video marketing in your marketing mix. You will become a recognized name in your market. People love following the advice of someone they believe to have the expertise to show them the right way. Another good thing about becoming an expert is that you do not have to sell so aggressively anymore because people already want what you are selling. The secret is by pre-selling with videos that contain valuable content.

Videos are indexed by search engines in a different way content gets indexed. Therefore, video doesn’t present the same issues with duplicate content that written content suffers. So for example if you submit the same articles to many directories they will not all show up due to duplicate content filtering. Videos submitted to certain major sites are not all viewed the same, and your results will generally be better – all things considered.

Benefits of Video

One of the most evident benefits of video marketing is that it helps you create trust. There are many scams doing the rounds on the Internet and videos happen to be the most personal way to create trust with your target market. Gaining the trust of a potential customer has to be your priority in online marketing.

The good news is that your videos can all work together to create a complete image of you and your product(s). You can take this information lightly but if you do, you will be sorry for it later.

As popular as video is, the entire IM world is still not taking advantage of it. You can drive traffic by posting on video sharing sites and as well as creating your own video blog.

You’ll have to engage the usual marketing methods, too, but you can realize long term results with testing.