How to Generate Consistent CPA Marketing Income

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Generate Consistent CPA Marketing Income

One of the most common questions that Internet Marketers asked,  when it comes to making money with CPA Marketing is, “What’s the BEST way to market CPA offers and make consistent income on auto-pilot?.

And the answer is, “It depends”.

It depends on you and how quickly you want to make money while sacrificing more control, or how comfortable you are making money a little slower and, in the end, giving you more control. It also has something to do with your risk tolerance and what you are willing to give up to reach a desired income level.

For example, let’s use building a list, or “listbuilding”, which is used by many successful CPA Marketers, in their CPA Marketing campaigns.

In case you need a quick “review” of what listbuilding is and what it means to you. Listbuilding is basically giving your website visitors (traffic) a means to enter their contact information in exchange for something of value to them. (A free ebook or article),

as an example.

Website visitors interested in what you have to offer them will give up their name and email addressee to get it. This is nothing new. It’s been used (and still is) by many online affiliate marketers.

The whole point with listbuilding is for one reason. Make offers to your list and get buyers from that list.

Your goal is to create repeat buyers or “repeat” CPA conversions with different, yet similar, offers using the same list over and over again. Why? It’s more work to drive fresh traffic everyday for the one time buyer or CPA conversion.

Let’s say, you want to focus on the “weight loss niche”. The weight loss niche is a PERFECT repeat buyer niche because few people who want to lose weight will stop at just one or even two weight loss products — they want MANY.

One of the best ways to ensure a big, responsive list of people who are repeat offer buyers is with multiple email offers. Combine that with a “vote” landing page style and you have the potential for a winner.

The other popular CPA Marketing strategy used often by beginners to get their feet wet making a few thousand dollars is the “direct-to-link” strategy.

This strategy is far less involved than the CPA Marketing list building method described above because it involves less risk up front and more upside potential very quickly (even overnight).

This strategy focuses on using free or paid traffic like articles, Google PPC, blogs, and Yahoo or Facebook PPC.

The biggest drawback with this strategy is that your “giving away control in return for immediate profits”. Which may or may not be a drawback depending on your plan and what you intend to do with the profits you make going on the fast track.

The obvious positive is that you make money faster and can “cut straight to the chase”.

Either strategy you choose, don’t forget that as fast as you can make money, you can lose it just as quickly. Follow a solid plan to control your finances and keep most of the wealth you generate with CPA Marketing.


Drew Collins



I’m an internet marketing consultant who mentors marketing on the internet using attraction marketing techniques. I team with and coach others interested in making money using the internet. I earned a degree in Engineering from the University of Michigan. My current skills are in Attraction Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Recruiting.

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