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CPA Marketing – One of the most successful methods used!      

When most people start out online they try a huge number of different “shiny” programs that all promise the earth and deliver virtually nothing.  But underneath all of the hype and “too good to be true” offers there are some solid business models that do work and that make their owners a steadily increasing income over time.  One of the most successful business methods used, yet not widely known about is CPA Marketing.


CPA MarketingCPA Marketing is where you send your website or blog traffic to specific offers that your readers can normally sign up for free of charge.  You get paid for the “Action” that your readers complete; like filling in an email address or zip code, or downloading a free piece of software.   Below are the three top reasons why you should consider CPA marketing as your new make money model.


Reason one: Your readers don’t have to do much at all for you to make money from your offers. This is the best reason of all for creating your own CPA business.  Your clients, your readers, don’t have to buy anything from you, for you to make money.  They just have to sign into a site, or fill in their email address, or opt-in to receive a free gift.  Now how many people are going to turn down an opportunity to get something for nothing?


Reason two:  It is an easy business model to set up.  To create your own CPA business you can use a WordPress blog or even a free blog or website to get started with.  You don’t have to have fancy technical skills, or know about HTML or php – you can just use a blog and send your traffic to that.


Reason three: You can create a CPA business in just about any niche.  If you go through CPA sites you can find a lot of niches that have offers you can promote.  This means you can take a topic or niche that you are really passionate about, and create a CPA business around it – making money from your passion.


CPA marketing is the ideal business choice for newbies to internet marketing, or for advanced marketers to add more income streams to their current businesses.  In just a few [days/weeks] a comprehensive manual that takes you through the set-up of a CPA business will be available for a limited time.  It will provide a step-by-step action plan, workbook, checklists and even a mind map to get you started.




I’m an internet marketing consultant who mentors marketing on the internet using attraction marketing techniques. I team with and coach others interested in making money using the internet. I earned a degree in Engineering from the University of Michigan. My current skills are in Attraction Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Recruiting.

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