Introduction to Pod Casting or Video Marketing

marketing with videoThese are tough times. And many of us are feeling it in our wallets. But .. No matter how tough times are, we can’t forget the basics. And video marketing definitely is one of the basics. And, without the basics taken care of, how can you get started?
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In today?s world it is challenging task to attract customers by advertising. Best marketing strategies are needed for presenting products to users. It is very difficult to attract customers who are always busy. Pod casting or video marketing is combination of audio as well as video media and is among internet marketing services which are generally used for making marketing efficient and effective. Podcasts are files encapsulating audio, video and are widely distributed across internet. Users can download and view them in electronic devices like laptops, tabs, mobile phones etc.

Podcasting help in enhancing business, therefore it is beneficial to add podcast in affiliate marketing. With its use training can be provided easily. It is difficult to organize seminars and grant training to employs. With this technique all important details can be specified in files and offered to employees. If users are facing difficulty in installing product of company then organizations can specify details in podcasts for offering required information to user. In launching new products you can use them as best marketing tool. It is beneficial in spreading information among various employees working in different branches of organization. Not only employees but customers can also grab information about organizations. In very less time you can create your files equipped with vital and attractive information. This time as well as money saving approach is widely used due to its large advantages.

Video marketing is used by every large as well as small organization, for promoting their product in cost effective manner. Earlier it was very difficult for small organizations to advertise their product. Large amount was needed for enhancing business but today due to enhancement in technology every small firm can easily advertise their product while spending only nominal amount. Your message can be easily delivered to audience with proper content which user will enjoy watching. While developing podcasts focus must be on content writing. Best content offered with beneficial information is always admired by people. It is best technique to engage audience and provide important information in creative manner. For getting high return on investment video marketing is best technique.

Before opting for podcast you need to analyze your target audience because audience is one to whom information will be ultimately delivered. Designing should be done keeping in view need and requirement of customers. After designing is mandatory to offer them on platform from where user can grab them. Website is a vast platform where all necessary information regarding company is easily available. Customers view these sites for receiving information regarding firms or products. So, while website designing option for podcast must be available from where use can view or download files. Remember to scatter information regarding availability of podcasts, because customers will not view the files until they are not aware of their existence.

Podcasts are very essential for enhancing business and getting best return on investment. So, for incrementing business video marketing is cost effective techniques with help of which your organization can gain more profit.

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Online Video Marketing – Emailing Your Video

Submitted by: Lorraine Grula

Video is a proven online marketing winner. Over and over again, video has shown itself to be superior over other methods of online communication. So obviously, being able to email your list a video is high on many people’s priority lists. Problems is, how do you do it?

Video files are WAY to big to send with emails as a standard attachment. Unless your video file is extremely small, I would not advise attempting to email it like you do a still picture or document attachment.

Generally, most videos that do get emailed are in the form of a .wmv file. This stands for Windows Media Video and is one of the smallest video files. It also has pretty bad resolution, which is why it is so small. So for that reason,.wmv videos that get emailed are usually jokes and not professional videos.

Most internet video sharing sites will let you email video, but you can not import a large list, you can only send it to a few people at a time. What does get sent is usually a link to the video, not the video itself. so if this method is good enough for You Tube, it is good enough for you.

What about embed code, you ask? Embed code is generally how you put video onto a website. So will it work in an email? Unfortunately, no. It’s not a good idea to add the embed code into your email the same way you embed it into a web page. This is because both ISPs and email software block video embed code so chances are high your email will not get through and it will not play.


The easiest way to email your video is to email a link to your video and not the video itself. So if your video is hosted by You Tube, send the link to the You Tube page that contains your video. This is how You Tube does it if you use their share video feature.

A text link would be added just like any other text link, with hyperlinked keywords or HTML messages. A full URL address would need to be used for a plain-text email message.

Of course, many people might think mailing out just a link is too boring. Well, maybe so. To make it look more exciting, use an image link instead of just a test link. The still image will appear to be a video player in your email, but it’s not really, it is just the thumbnail.

To do this with an auto-responder service, you need to upload the still image to your website image folder and put a link to that image inside your email message. That should automatically show when someone opens the email. (Not always though, some email clients block images.) So make sure you give your image a title that will make it understood even if the image is blocked. Click here to watch the video would work.

Doing it this way is probably the single best way, although it can get a bit tricky. Including the thumbnail as a still image and having it be an active link to the actual video is the best way to email your video without emailing your video, if that makes sense.

The thumbnail image is instantly recognizable as a video, a plain link is not. So including the thumbnail will instantly tell anyone who opens the email that it contains video whereas if you just have a link, that won’t happen.

E-mailing a video is a good idea though, either way. Mailing out the link to the video is certainly better than not using video at all.

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