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 Video Marketing

Using video is tremendous for getting many more eyes on your business products and services. You’ll find some online strategies that are more effective than others for getting that done. There are many marketing techniques available online to get traffic to your website. Some techniques produce untargeted, low-quality traffic, and can be somewhat expensive. You can use the power of video marketing to brand yourself as well as reach your target market. You can really make a connection with your market. There’s a lot of video marketing education available for you to learn and then implement what you’ve learned. There’s almost no end to what you can do. The basic idea is you want to presell your product or service in the video and have a call to action at the end to either learn more about your product or service or actually buy the product.

We now want to share just a few of the many benefits of this medium in your online business.

Ok, the primary benefit of using videos is they’ll rank very well in the search engines. It’s a fact that search engines like Google love videos and index them very easily. Getting your video on the first page of the SERPS (search engine results page) isn’t terribly difficult if you’ve done your keyword research and everything else right. What’s more, Google has a separate section for searching videos, which means more people are looking for targeted videos online. Everyone likes videos, and that includes the search engines, so that’s good because it gives online marketers more options.

Google Indexing of Videos

An interesting fact is that written content gets indexed by search engines different from the way videos are indexed. So you won’t have the same concerns regarding duplicate content issues with videos. The same content submitted to different sites undergo filtering, and so they won’t all be displayed in the SERPS. Videos submitted to certain major sites are not all viewed the same, and your results will generally be better – all things considered.

Keep your visitors glued using Video

With the placement of videos, you will notice that people will stay on your site longer. Marketers have tested this and concluded that videos now outperform completely textual content. By including powerful, straight-to-the-point but interesting videos you will keep your visitors coming back for more. And if your video has a personal touch, it will help you build a relationship with the visitors.

Video is not being completely exploited by online marketers, so this is a great time to begin using it. Basically, you’ll just be making them and uploading to video sharing sites – mainly Youtube.

It’ll be fun to test, and you can achieve long term good results.



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