Jenny asks…

In desperate need of assistance in trying to understand how to become part of an affiliate marketing company?

I really want to start making money online but I am still unsure of how to become part of an affiliate marketing company. The one thing that I have been looking into is the type of thing where you sponsor a link for a website and then if that website creates income because of your link, then you receive a percentage of that revenue. PLEASE! If you know anything about this concept/process then please let me know!

Drew answers:

2 things are needed google adwords account and account

sign up for both and pick something to advertise on clickbank, they will give u a refferal link to advertise and for everyone u get to join, part of the commission such as 66% of the money that is spent on the website go’s to you

advertise that link on google adwords

to advertise correctly you need to target websites like if its a mp3 your advertising you need to target lyrics websites.

Good luck! And if you need me to explain more put in additional details ill check back and edit!

Laura asks…

POLL: What would be a good name for an online marketing company?

I need something creative and fresh, for my affiliate marketing company. I’ll be filing for a business soon.

Drew answers:

Zuule Online
ZeBest Online

Susan asks…

I am looking for good affiliate marketing companies that I can review on my new website.?

My new site will have a section for “newbies” where they can learn about affiliate marketing and legitimate companies with proven track records that they can join.

Drew answers:

It’s tough to provide an insightful review without actually working with the affiliate company for a while, you can report other marketer’s experiences that you can read on forums for affiliate marketers. Here’s one review site that might provide ‘inspiration’ another powerful source of CPA program details you can report is

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