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Inevitable Social MediaHave you heard of a Social Media guru by the name of Maria Andros?

Odds are you have if you’ve been even remotely interested in dominating the social market space with your presence.

She’s generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue making 3-minute youtube videos and being one of the first to tap into the “twitter phenomenon”  before it became big news. She also took facebook marketing to another level . But Maria’s not the first and “only” person to take advantage of social media marketing

Dennis Kragnalia, the youtube money mastermind is another person that took advantage of social media to build an empire.

The only thing that separates you from them is one principle:

They are passionate about helping others get what they want without begging for business or stepping on anybodies toes. They drop links, website addresses, and opt-in pages so their followers can learn more about them without high-pressure sales tactics.

More importantly your followers want more information about what you offer.

It’s a combination of wanting to learn more about the person who they are buying from and learning more about what they already want to buy. It’s merging buyer psychology with a personal touch that push your sales over the edge.

It’s like being the friendly neighborhood spiderman (or woman) zipping around town (the internet) solving problems, and best of all, people are ready to pay you for it.

Need a quick example of a place to start your social media marketing blitz?

Twitter — Twitters a goldmine of people who share common interests, goals, and dreams. They want to connect with like minded people and Twitter allows you to

get access to thousands of people who want what you have to offer.

It’s easier to reach this crowd because you can befriend many people at once at the touch of a button and cultivate multiple relationships over time.

Printing money on demand is about offering help to people not expecting the world in return. It’s an attractive quality people forget because they’re too focused on themselves and their needs, but keep in mind that the best social marketers keep their followers needs in mind.

Put these basics to use, and you’ll be a step closer to reaching your financial goals.


Social Media Marketing



I’m an internet marketing consultant who mentors marketing on the internet using attraction marketing techniques. I team with and coach others interested in making money using the internet. I earned a degree in Engineering from the University of Michigan. My current skills are in Attraction Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Recruiting.

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